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Creative Solutions for Churches

Your church has a lot of great stuff going for it. Your pulpit is led by a pastor that preaches the gospel of Christ boldly. Your worship team is filled with talented and Spirit-led musicians. Your greeters welcome members and visitors alike with a warm smile and a friendly handshake.

The only missing piece is having someone bridge the creative and technological gaps that subtly enhance the worship service experience. From worship lyrics to websites and church branding; when done right, these elements feel natural. Unfortunately, not all churches have someone in their congregation with the right aptitude and skills.

That's where we come in. Kaiser Creative is proud to present our creative services to pastors of Christian churches at an exclusive price, with the goal of helping your church be self-reliant moving forward.

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Website Design & Development

Having a professional, user-friendly website that showcases your church's personality and values is a basic necessity in today's world. People in your community might not even bother to visit on Sunday if they can't look up your pastors and statement of faith, or see videos of previous sermons.

Utilizing the Webflow platform and its customizable CMS (content management system), Kaiser Solutions can build you a top-tier church website that is easy for you to maintain when staff information changes or a new sermon is posted online. We can even integrate everything with Airtable and your email management system.

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Visual Identity Development

Crafting a cohesive visual identity means your church stands out and leaves a lasting impression. It's a chance for your congregation to proudly identify with the rest of your church body, strengthening community bonds.

Once you have a logo and color scheme, it makes it easier to create social media graphics, announcement slides, new visitor packets, et cetera. Kaiser Creative can guide you through this entire process.

ProPresenter Training

Knowing how to effectively use the right software to run the visual part of your worship service is essential. This is where having both creative and technical skills comes in handy because it takes more than just typing words on a screen. There are integrations, effects, themes, and triggers that all work together to make the screens pop.

Kaiser Creative can help you get up and running with the right hardware, software, and services. We do the hard part, then train your existing volunteers so they can confidently manage presentations during services week-to-week.

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Planning Center Integration

Streamlining your operations and volunteer coordination ensures everyone's on the same page. It means more efficient church management and more time for what truly matters: spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Planning Center can also be used to integrate ProPresenter and MultiTracks, shortening the gap between the worship and projection teams. Kaiser Creative helps you onboard and use each service to their maximum effectiveness.

Video Streaming Consultation

Taking your services online means reaching beyond your physical walls and spreading the message of Christ not only far and wide, but deeper into your local community. It's an opportunity to grow your congregation and change more lives.

Kaiser Creative can help make sure you are buying the right equipment, ensure it is communicating with your projection system, advise you on multi-camera production best practices, and train your volunteers to run it all.

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A Personal Note

My name Aaron and I am a follower of Jesus Christ as well as the founder of Kaiser Creative. I have used my creative and technical gifts in service of every church that I have been a part of and now I want to do the same for yours. We might be in different congregations, but we are all the same body. My goal is to not only elevate the perception of your church, but to give you the creative tools you need to be self-sufficient moving forward.

Let's work together to achieve your vision. I look forward to serving you and your church family.

In His Service,
Aaron Matthew Kaiser
Kaiser Creative

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